When you see a Poet


When you see a Poet

When you see a poet
You see life at its best
He understands nature better than the first man
He sees the soul of all living, and inanimate
His language is love and his voice is the ink
His friends are his thoughts and a pen between his fingers.
When you see a poet
You see a god wrapped in mortality
His soul flows through his ink with emotions
etched in every alphabet, every word.
A god in his world, he gives and takes at will.
When you see a poet
You see ancient knowledge and hear words your soul can’t comprehend
You see light that mate darkness and bare balance
You see greatness carved from impossibility
He speaks tales of the untold and hear voice of the unheard.
When you see a poet.
Watch, listen, observe
There’s nothing above and beneath like him.

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